Thursday, 24 March 2016

Get Confident

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Right no messing about. It's time for you reading to get confident about yourself. Start the journey of discovering yourself then show it off to the world. It's not so long ago that I myself came across very timid, I say came across because i'm the total oppersite, I have to humbe the crazy me before I become the circus it's self.

My top tip's will definitely allow you to be you all the time no matter the company. I mean at the end of the day if you don't know a stranger why care about the opinion they attach to you. But it's also very critical to not pass the line and get cocky now. F**k it! If you're feelin yourself let the world know you do too, although people will look at you like "why does she think she's so great" just give them the look of "yesssss, bish I'm the perfect version of me".

1) Work work work work work work! Work you and your skills, every individual has something that they personally are really great at!

2) Be comfortable.. Obviously body image is a big thing these days. The problem is that even looking perfect is a problem, because we all ways find something that we want to change about ourselves.

3) Get rid of negative friends. Enough said!

4) Murder negative thoughts and make way for positive one's. If you're really struggling with this, start seeing things from a different perspective.

5) Get more involved in things that you are interested in. Let people notice you, it'll be daunting at first because it's probably something that you often shy away from but do it a few times and you'll kind of get use to it.

6) It's always great to hear a bit of gossip about someone, and even better when it's someone you don't like- not that you cared to listen. Do remember though stay out of the drama, you want to avoid feeling like shit.

7) Dress to impress yourself! Look good feel great.

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