Thursday, 24 March 2016

It Don't Fit

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Shopping for me has been a very daunting task. In fact I start to feel like shit, depressed and annoyed whenever I go clothes shopping. This feeling is relatable to how I feel about most situations right now. My blog for instance, I can never make my mind up and shape the page and posts to the way I want, I always have to start a fresh. Annoying to say the least but I'm obviously a perfectionist- contradicting one of course!

Back to the point I want to make though! I went shopping a few days ago.. now tell me why I'm getting bigger? Eating more is the obvious answer but I can't say I have. I am lacking in the exercise department but I've been told multiple times before that it's 70% diet and 30% exercise. Bullsh*t clearly. I've cut down and still nothing great is happening.

I find it best when I loose weight but don't really realise.. hmm I sure most people like it when it's like this.

I have a major problem area; my boobs. I could take my boob fat and tissue out and help 3 girls that are unhappy about being flat chested. Honestly I should seek help and advice from my GP but I don't want to go under the knife. Plus when I think about it, loosing weight would help in that area. Weight and healthy eating are things I speak about daily. If not speaking about this topic to someone its definitely on my mind. I always say that I'm going to address this problem but my body never cooperates. When ever I find a nice blouse my boobs are often the reason why I have to consider getting a size up.

I say I feel trapped but clearly I don't want to change any bad habits that I'm not trying to focus on.

I swear every single person in the world has a body image problem. I'm a hypocrite for saying that I'm all for supporting everyone's body image when I'm seeking for a dream body. I'm not preaching about how much I hate my body though, I just need to loose weight which my health will benefit from surely. I'm always complaining about being tired so maybe a smaller me will be more energetic-I won't know till I'm there.

Do you have any area's that you're insecure about?

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